Taylormad driver is ‘sad to have had to miss the Australian Grand Prix’

The Australian Grand Prize winner, who is now back in Formula One with the TRS Mercedes team, is reportedly unhappy about being left out of the race after suffering a serious injury in a crash with Nico Hulkenberg in Australia. 

Taylomad driver, Mark Winterbottom, was the only driver to finish in the top 10 of Australia’s first race, with Hulke in the middle of the pack. 

But, despite having finished fourth in Australia, Winterbottom was left out in the rain at the start of the second qualifying session.

“We’re going to need some time to work through all the different things,” Winterbottom told Australian media.

“We were a bit disappointed with how we did yesterday.

It’s a difficult thing to go out on the track and not be able to race, but hopefully we can come back and be a bit more consistent.” 

Tayshaun Winterbottom of Taylomade.

Source: News Corp Australia Winterbottom’s crash came during a qualifying session, which was held at the same time as the race, meaning he missed out on qualifying by about 15 seconds. 

“I’m just sad to have been left out,” Wintertop said.

I’m a good friend of his and he’s a good person and I know he wants to win races. “

[It’s] not something you’re prepared for.

I’m a good friend of his and he’s a good person and I know he wants to win races.

But, you just need time.”

The team will have to make a decision on whether to replace Winterbottom with a fresh driver, after he sustained a serious knee injury. 

Although he has been recovering from the accident, Wintertop’s team-mate, James Allison, will have a better chance of making the start than Winterbottom. 

The accident comes after the Red Bull team confirmed it will be switching to a new turbo engine for the remainder of the season. 

It’s understood that Renault, which has a joint-venture with HULK, will be responsible for supplying the car. 

Renault team owner Carlos Ghosn has made the switch to a turbo engine as the only option for next season, after the team suffered a number of engine failures in 2015.