The Latest: Georgia drivers are not getting the Google Drive sync, so what happens next?

The latest news on the Georgia Tech driver shortage and Google Drive.

Georgia Driver Services (GDLS) says it is working to restore access to Google Drive and other Google Drive compatible apps.

GDLS says it will begin restoring access to the apps on Friday, March 21 at 10 a.m.


Google Drive will not be available for use until the company restores access to all of its G Suite and Google Apps for Education applications.

The GDLS blog post said that access to some G Suite apps is still suspended and that Google Drive will be available to anyone who requests it.

Google is working on a fix for the issues.

The company said in a statement: We’re working on an update to ensure that users have access to their Google Drive account while they’re using Google Apps and other apps.

Google Drive users can sign in using their Google account, so you don’t need to use their Google ID.