How to recover a hard drive that crashed into your house

A hard drive crashed into a home in southwest Georgia on Friday, leaving the occupant’s laptop and phone on the ground, according to a statement from the homeowner.

The homeowner, who asked NBC News not to be named, said his family was home with a baby and their dog at the time of the crash.

“It was a pretty hard day,” the homeowner said.

“I’m pretty sure my car has a hard time hitting the ground.”

The homeowner said the laptop and smartphone are in good shape and were in good condition.

He said the phone is working as well, but it was still in a crash position.

He said the car was totaled in the crash and that he and his family have been living in a garage and basement for the past two years.

The Georgia Department of Transportation says a Nissan Altima driven by a man was driving southbound on Interstate 75 when it struck the garage door.

The vehicle was traveling at less than 10 miles per hour, and the driver was not injured, according the DOT.

The victim, who is from Atlanta, is listed in critical condition.

The woman was taken to a hospital.