“I’ve never seen a driverless car before” – a driver with no clue

I’ve never experienced the joys of driving a driverlessly car before, but one driver did.

And what he told me is pretty remarkable.

This driver said he drove his new car to work in a straight line.

Then, he says, he turned right and headed back to work, in an autonomous mode.

It was a beautiful drive.

He says he’s had many opportunities to drive in a car without a human behind the wheel, but never had one.

It’s hard to tell if this is true, but he tells me he believes that driving a car in autonomous mode could be as safe as driving in an ordinary car.

If he’s right, and the technology is safe, then we will soon see cars driving on highways in many places, even in places like the US.

As I drive, I’m also thinking about what to do when I am at home.

If I want to walk to the bathroom, I could go to the library or go to my own car to use the internet.

I could just leave my car on the side of the road and go to sleep in the car.

I think that’s probably more safe than driving in the garage or on the street.

I would like to be able to take my phone to the movies, to play a game or use it while waiting for my friend or family to come home.

But even if all the new technologies are safe, it’s still the drivers that are most likely to die.

When a driver is driving, they are the most likely person in the world to be involved in an accident.

In fact, drivers are about six times more likely to be injured in a traffic accident than the general population.

And when a driver fails to yield to another car or pedestrian, they’re also about six to eight times more frequent.

So when a person who drives a car is killed, it seems to me that the driver was doing exactly what we need them to do.

Driving for a living is a very dangerous job.

And for a lot of drivers, it also requires a great deal of time and concentration.

When you’re doing something that you’re passionate about, that’s the type of dedication that you need to dedicate to it.

The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of all the safety measures in place and make sure you’re not going to get involved in a crash.

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