When the Dell driver update finally rolls out

DILL has rolled out a new driver update to support the upcoming Dell XPS 13, the company said in a blog post on Thursday.

The update comes as the company is working to support a new Dell XPRT model that will feature a 1TB hard drive.

Dell is offering the new driver upgrade in two parts, with the first coming in a couple of weeks.

The second part is coming out later this month.

The company said that drivers for all new XPS laptops will be available soon.

The update comes with a number of other enhancements to the driver installation process, including improvements to the Windows 10 support on the Dell support site, improved support for the Dell XPRESS desktop platform, and a new support page for Dell’s Windows 10 apps.

Dell also released a short video that shows off the new features.

Dell’s drivers for the XPS 15 and 15S will not come out until next month, but it is expected that both the XPRESS and XPRTs will get support from Dell.

We’ve also heard that Dell will continue to roll out support for its desktop platform on other products like its own PCs and servers.