What’s in a Massachusetts Driver’s License?

When it comes to driving in Massachusetts, many people think of the Massachusetts license plate and its number.

But if you’re a person of color, you may not know about the license plate that’s listed next to it, or the number of people who can legally use it.

That’s because Massachusetts has only one way to issue driver’s licenses in the state, through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

But when you look at the name of the license, you’ll find that it’s not the same as the license that’s in the other state’s registry.

That means that there are only four other states with a statewide driver’s licensing system.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, in an email to The Ledger, said the license plates of people of color are only issued to those people with a driver’s background check.

The department said the department has no control over whether the number is used in other states.

Instead, it said it’s working to improve the system so that every driver can use the name that’s printed on their license.

In a recent blog post on the DMV website, a DMV official wrote that the department does not track the number and that its goal is to ensure that drivers have the same identification in their state.