Watch: Five Things to Know About The X Factor 2017

4.22pm: X Factor has released a list of the 25 sexiest women in the world, and one of them is a transgender woman.

The list includes former reality TV personality Gabriella Paz, a former model and an Australian actress.

Here’s the full list: 1.

Gabriellas Paz (Brazil) Gabrielli Paz is a former reality television star who was crowned Miss Universe 2016 and has become a leading advocate for transgender rights.

Paz told the New York Times: “Transgender people are like me: they’re always being pushed around, they’re being denied access to everything and, yes, they have to put up with a lot of physical abuse.”


Gabriele Conte (Italy) Conte is a model, actress and activist, whose work has made her a key figure in the movement for transgender equality.

She has spoken out against violence against trans people, such as the recent murders of a transgender man and a transgender teenager in Italy.


Carmen Carrera (Mexico) Carmen Carra is an award-winning actress, who has appeared in films such as “La La Land”, “The Legend of Hercules” and “La Dolce Vita”.

She also voiced a character on the animated series “Frozen”.


Mandy Moore (United Kingdom) Moore is a British singer-songwriter who has released two albums and a series of singles.

She said in a statement that she felt the “power to speak and create” and wanted to be a “part of the future of music”.

She has been the subject of numerous sexual harassment complaints and has spoken about how she feels “trapped in a man’s body”.


Lily James (United States) James is an American singer-actor who is also the daughter of the late actor Eddie Murphy.

In 2013, she won an Academy Award for her performance in “The Butler”.

In 2016, she became the first transgender person to win an Oscar for acting.


Laila Ali (United Arab Emirates) Ali is a popular Lebanese singer-actress, who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of a gay woman in the film “La Japonaise”.


Laverne Cox (United United States) Cox is a trans woman, actor, writer and presenter who is the mother of a young child.

She is best known for her role on “Orange is the New Black”, a Netflix series that features transgender people.


Marla Maples (United State) Maples is an actress and producer, who is best-known for her roles on “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal” and the upcoming “American Horror Story: Freak Show”.

She is currently starring in the upcoming film “The Girl Next Door” on Netflix.


Caitlyn Jenner (United Republic of Ireland) Jenner is a US-born, American actor and Olympic medalist.

She was the first openly transgender person ever to win the Miss USA pageant in 1997.

She also became the only transgender person in the history of the Miss Universe pageant to be voted Miss Universe.


Nima Saeed (Pakistan) Saeed is an Afghan-American fashion designer who is known for creating pieces such as her own brand, Saeed’s and for her clothing line, Saeds.

She first became known for designing dresses for her children, and in 2016 she became an inspiration for young girls in Afghanistan.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (United states) Huntington-Whitley is a TV actress who has won numerous awards for her performances on the show “Grey TV”.

She recently announced she would be launching a gender-neutral line of clothes for women.


Rylan Clark (United Ireland) Clark is a musician, composer and poet who has toured the world with his band The New York Dolls.


Serena Williams (United Nation) Williams is a tennis player and one-time world number one.

In 2016 she was crowned the No. 1 player in the women’s tennis world by the International Tennis Federation.


Taylor Schilling (United state) Schilling is a comedian, actress, author and a writer.

She recently released a book called The Unstoppable Woman.


Tori Amos (United nation) Amos is a rapper, songwriter and producer.

She released her debut solo album in 2014.


Tiffany Haddish (United kingdom) Haddishes is a singer-guitarist and producer who has been a singer, songwriting, recording and touring artist.


Victoria Beckham (United country) Beckham is a professional soccer player, and the youngest player to ever play in the FIFA World Cup.

She became the youngest ever player to win a major sporting event, becoming the first woman to play for the United States and the first athlete to wear a soccer jersey.


Vivienne Westwood (United countries) Westwood is a television actress and presenter.

She starred in “A