How to win the race car race and race with a child

Race car driver Michael McElroy, who was born with Down syndrome, is the first race car rider to win a race.

He won the race in 2014 at the age of just 23.

A few years ago, McElroys father, Mike McElrry, became the first person in the US to win at least two consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup races, in 2018 and 2020.

He’s also the first driver to win two consecutive series championships in the same year, and in the last four years.

McElroy said that winning the race was a dream come true.

“When you see a car with a kid on the hood, that’s a special moment,” McElry said.

“That’s really exciting for me.”

McElrries father, who has Down syndrome himself, had to overcome his condition to take part in NASCAR.

“I’ve always dreamed of racing,” he said.

The NASCAR Sprint Series has been trying to find ways to make the sport more inclusive, and McElRys race team, the NASCAR Southern 500 team, is an example of this.

McElricks team is known for its inclusive culture.

The team has sponsored children with disabilities for the past two years, including one team member who was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.

The NASCAR Southern 600, a 100-mile road race, is also an important part of the NASCAR schedule for children.

In 2020, the event will be held at Richmond International Raceway.

McEllrry said he was happy to be able to share his success with the team.

“They really did a fantastic job,” McEllrries dad said.

“This is the only race in the country where kids can race and have fun with their friends, and to have them come out and support us was really cool.”