What if your home was a realtek audio device?

Realtek, the makers of the popular Realtek audio chipsets, has launched an audio device that will make it easy to control your home’s speakers and other devices with an Android phone.

Dubbed the Android Smart Home System, the product is aimed at anyone who wants to use their Android phone to control audio devices in the home.

The company said the device will work with a range of smartphones including iPhones, Android-powered smart TVs, smart speakers, and other audio-capable devices.

The new product will be available for purchase in March and comes in three different flavours, with the cheapest offering a simple speaker control unit for $79.99, the cheapest version having a range-extending control unit costing $199.99.

Dubbing the Smart Home Device as a “virtual” speaker, the company says it allows users to control devices with the voice commands that are currently supported by the Google Home device.

The idea behind the project is that it makes it easier for people to control their devices in a home where they may have multiple speakers, multiple sources of sound, or other audio equipment in the room.

The smart device also allows users a virtual microphone, which will allow them to listen to sound sources while the user is speaking.

The Smart Home device will include a built-in speaker control panel and an integrated microphone that can be used to hear and control any device in the house.

Users can configure the volume and frequency settings, adjust the volume of audio sources, and control the microphone.

There is a third option that enables users to connect their Android smartphone to the Smart, which can then be used as a speaker control device, with volume and/or frequency settings for the entire home.

The software package for the Android phone is available to download from the Android developer website.

The project has been developed by a group of developers working on the project with the aim of making the technology available to a wider audience, the firm said in a statement.

While the technology will be more useful for people with a wide range of audio-related devices in their homes, the device itself is not aimed at the home entertainment market.

Users of the product will need to have a smartphone capable of receiving the Google Now voice command service and the ability to use Google Home as a voice control device.