How to set up a Grubhub Delivery driver job with an Uber app

You can now use an Uber driver app to hire an Uber delivery driver in Singapore. 

For a limited time, GrubHub’s driver app is allowing you to set-up a driver job for an Uber courier.

You can sign up for an account, and then click on the driver’s name on the right.

It’ll then ask you if you want to create a new driver.

Once you’ve done that, you can click on “I accept” to create the driver. 

Once you click “Apply” it’ll prompt you to enter the name and email address of the driver and confirm it.

Then it’ll take your driver details and give you the chance to set the job up.

If all goes well, the driver will arrive at your door in the next couple of hours, and you can then pick them up to pick-up your groceries or groceries for your delivery driver.

The app will then send the driver a confirmation message with your driver’s information, and it will ask you to confirm the job has been approved.

So if you’re looking for a driver, you’ll need to get the job approved first.

To get a list of the available drivers, you could head to the Uber driver application website here:

For now, GrumbHub has a job for the driver, so it’s not available yet. 

So what do you think about GrubHub’s driver-app? 

Do you like the idea of a Grumhub delivery driver app? 

Is it something you’d consider for your own personal driver job? 

What do you like about Grumbhub’s driver application?

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