Subway driver caught on video trying to grab driver’s keys as he leaves train station

The Subway driver who left a train station and hopped on a bus was caught on tape trying to take the keys from the driver who was trying to get off the train, authorities said.

A man was driving the Subway at about 4:30 a.m.

Monday when he noticed the driver “sitting in the car,” according to a Los Angeles Police Department news release.

The driver, identified as a 24-year-old male, got off at the same stop, police said.

The man asked the driver for his keys, which he handed to the driver.

The man got off the subway and walked to the front of the bus.

As he walked toward the front, he noticed a passenger sitting in the back of the train car.

The passenger yelled out for the driver and then he grabbed the keys.

The suspect hopped onto the train and the driver jumped into the back, authorities told the Los Angeles Times.

The passenger took off and the suspect chased him until he was stopped by the driver of the Subway, police told the Times.

Police said the suspect told police he had a fight with the driver the previous day.

The driver admitted he was angry and said he had lost his wallet and cellphone.

The Subway driver, who was not named, was not injured.