Adam Drive joins the X Factor team

X Factor finalist Adam Drive is joining the X-Factor team to sing for his X Factor judges.

He will take part in the Xs and Os challenge, in which contestants will have to sing a song of their choosing in order to win.

It will be his second time singing a song with X Factor’s judges.

It is the second time the rapper has participated in the song contest, having sang the theme song for the show in the past.

The judges will sing the song for about five minutes before voting on whether to allow them to continue.

Adam Drive has also performed with X-Factors’ X-Treme 2 contestants in the last year.

He has previously appeared on the first season of the series, and has been featured in two episodes of X Factor.

He is also the lead singer for the duo Zayn and Lauren from the band Bad Boy.

He also previously performed in X Factor season 2 and 3, which featured the track “My Name Is”, a song which was later used in the first X Factor video game, The X Factor: Rivals.

Adam was also featured in the music video for Bad Boy’s “Don’t Wanna Know”, and has also collaborated with Bad Boy on several tracks, including “Cake”, “Gimme A Break”, “The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me”, and “You Got Me”.

Adam was featured in an episode of X-Men: Days of Future Past in which he sang a duet with Xymox, which was directed by James Mangold.

In May 2018, Adam announced he was leaving Bad Boy to pursue a solo career.

Adam previously appeared in the 2013 film The Big Short.