Chipotle driver, chipotle drive-thru, police officer killed in fatal car crash

A Colorado woman who allegedly shot and killed two officers during a traffic stop was on her way to pick up her husband and their two young children when she allegedly struck a car driven by a Colorado man, police said.

Police said the woman, who was in her late 20s, had been driving through Denver and crashed into a pickup truck.

She had a concealed weapon permit and had been drinking alcohol at the time of the crash, said Officer Christopher Pecoraro of the Denver Police Department.

The woman drove the pickup through a red light at the intersection of West 30th Avenue and Interstate 25 in Denver before striking the SUV, Pecararo said.

The driver of the SUV survived, and Pecaararo identified the man as 28-year-old Matthew Lee.

Pecarano said the crash was the third involving Lee this year.

In April, the woman was charged with DUI and resisting arrest after she allegedly tried to flee from a police officer, according to a criminal complaint.

On March 31, a female passenger in a Dodge Durango that she was driving was pulled over for speeding and was pulled from the car after a foot chase.

The woman was arrested and charged with a felony, court records show.

Police in Colorado were not immediately available to comment.