How to use your Google account to watch NFL games live and on-demand on Google Play?

Google Play is getting rid of its live TV streaming service, Drive, which lets users stream NFL games on-premises, on-device and from their Google Drive account. 

Drive was supposed to be the platform for Google’s Google TV streaming offering.

It was supposed be a replacement for Google TV that would let users stream live TV through the Google Cloud Platform, a cloud-based computing platform.

Google didn’t go public with the drive app, instead using a partnership with a competitor, which ultimately led to the service being discontinued.

Drive will no longer be supported and the Google Play Store will now only let users watch movies and TV shows through its Google TV app. 

As part of the service’s shutdown, the Google app will now display a warning about the app’s disappearance.

You’ll still be able to access the Google Drive app, but it will no more be accessible through your Google Play account.

The app will also no longer allow you to access your Google Drive folder, though you’ll be able create a folder for the content of your Drive account and place that folder there. 

The app will not be able in the future to allow users to access other Google Drive apps, such as Google Drive Photo, Drive Movie, and Drive Music. 

Users can still stream games and other media through Google’s Play Movies app, though that will no long be available to them. 

With the Google App Engine coming to mobile devices, Google will no the ability to build its own Google Drive service. 

While the Drive app was a good start, it wasn’t perfect.

The Google Drive team had been working on a service that would allow users of its own apps to stream their own content from Drive.

It had even planned to offer that service as part of its Google Play app.

But when the company went public with its drive app announcement, it was unable to pull it off because of the company’s own efforts.

Google has since started working on the new Google Play Engine, which will be able offer the same services as the Drive service, but Google hasn’t released a roadmap or even a release date for the new service.

It’s not clear if this will have an impact on Drive, though.

If you use Drive and still have your content available on your device, you’ll likely be able access it in Google Play on your computer or smartphone, but not in Google Drive on your mobile device. 

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