Google to remove ads from drive-in movies and television

Google will remove ads for a drive-ins movie theater in New York City, but not on TV or on Netflix, the company said Monday.

The decision, which is being made in response to a complaint from New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, comes as the industry grapples with a surge in complaints of inappropriate behavior in theaters and the proliferation of so-called “drive-in” rentals.

The industry’s response has been swift.

Netflix, for instance, has said it will suspend ads in New Orleans and Washington, D.C., in response.

Google said the ads would appear only for people who were not guests in the drive-through and would not be shown to others.

The ads will be removed from any Google Play or Google Drive account, the search giant said.

The company also said it would “evaluate our advertising policies to make sure our ads are appropriate to consumers and to protect them from abuse.”

Netflix has said the policy was not changed, and the company has also removed ads from the New York State Department of Consumer Affairs website.

The company said it is working with the State of New York to develop a new policy, which could be published as soon as Thursday.

The move comes amid mounting concern over the number of drive-inductions occurring in New Yorkers neighborhoods, particularly those where the movies are being shot.

Last month, a New York judge ruled that the state had violated the Fourth Amendment when it refused to enforce a law that banned the use of mobile phones to record or transmit audio in public.