A new Uber driver’s dream job—driving for a city bus

The city of Santee, Texas, is a city that can claim to be a hotbed for the future of transportation.

Santee is home to the largest bus system in the country, and its network of bus routes includes more than 4,000 routes.

This week, Santee City Councilman Matt Kline announced that the city would hire a bus driver to be the city’s new driver.

The new driver will work for the city for six months and will be expected to take advantage of the bus network.

Kline told reporters that the new driver would not be able to operate a private bus company, and would not drive for the public bus company.

Klines new hiring policy is to allow private companies to operate in the city, but the city is expected to be open to public companies operating on the same routes, Kline said.

KLINE: I believe this will be a great opportunity for Santee to be able bring its public bus system into the 21st century.

There’s been some progress, and I believe that we’re going to see more and more people use Santee buses, but this is just one more step to being able to bring public transportation to Santee.