Amazon, Google and other tech giants face court in antitrust lawsuit

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and other big tech companies will argue in federal court in New York that antitrust law prohibits them from using data from their cloud computing service Amazon Web Services to fight price gouging and to gain market share.

The companies have sued the federal government in the wake of an antitrust lawsuit filed by the National Association of Manufacturers that seeks to stop the firms from using Amazon Web services to sell smartphones and other goods to consumers.

The lawsuit alleges that the Federal Trade Commission is infringing on Amazon’s free-market business model by unfairly targeting rival service providers such as Amazon Web Service.

The FTC said the lawsuit is premature.

Amazon said in a statement that the court filing “threatens to undermine the competitive landscape of online commerce, and will not advance innovation and job creation.”

Microsoft and Apple said they are confident that the case will be dismissed, and that they will appeal the order to the U.S. Supreme Court.

They said they will “continue to aggressively engage in online commerce” and defend the free-to-play nature of the industry.