‘We want to see her as a police officer’: ‘We’re proud of her’

A woman who shot and killed her estranged husband during a heated domestic dispute in their Texas home says the decision to shoot him in the head was not an accident.

Amber Williams said in a statement released Monday she is proud of what she did because she “was the only one there to do it.”

She said her estranged father, Robert, was trying to push her into his bedroom.

Williams told WFAA-TV she was trying “to make peace with my father and my husband when I shot him.”

Williams said she “just felt he was out of control.”

The incident occurred earlier this month and police have said there is no evidence that Robert Williams or any of his relatives were involved.

They have also said no criminal charges will be filed.

Authorities said Williams and her estranged boyfriend, Travis Miller, were arguing at their home in El Paso on Aug. 22 when Williams pulled out a handgun and shot her father, who was also in the home.

The Texas Medical Board ruled that Robert had died after being struck in the face with the handgun.

Authorities had previously said Miller had not been charged in the incident.