Dubereats drivers’ licence in South Australia’s south-west has been suspended

The driver’s licence of a South Australian man who was arrested in relation to a hit-and-run death of a passenger has been cancelled, South Australia Police say.

Key points:A 20-year-old woman, a 23-year old man and a 24-year of-old man have been charged with dangerous drivingThe man was driving his family car, but was stopped by police at a junction in South Adelaide’s Dubereat area in JanuaryThe man, who is currently in police custody, was driving a family car.

“He was driving the family car which was not registered,” South Australian Police Commissioner Scott Emerson said.

“There were people in the vehicle at the time of the incident.”

“There was a collision and a driver was injured.”

Police say they found a “very large number” of drugs and alcohol in the car, including cocaine, methamphetamine and cannabis.

Mr Emerson said it was not known if he was driving drunk or if the driver was using drugs or alcohol.

He said the driver had a previous arrest and that his licence had been suspended for a year.

“If he is driving under the influence of drugs or other drugs or if he is using any other drugs, we will take the appropriate action,” he said.