Taylormades driver gets fined after driving drunk on the M6

Taylone Driver Andrew Edwards was given a fine after his driver’s licence was cancelled and he was charged with drink driving.

The court heard the 33-year-old had been driving the M1 and M2 motorbikes for two weeks.

He was also caught driving a Nissan VX-8 on the A4 motorway.

He pleaded guilty to driving whilst disqualified and was fined $200.

Prosecutor Mark Ewing said Edwards’ licence had been cancelled after he had been caught driving the motorbike for two hours on the motorway in July last year.

He said he had the car in a “high-risk” condition and that it had been “notorious” for the car to stop.

He told the court Edwards had a drink driving offence under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

“It was one of those offences that he was not known to be driving at the time,” Mr Ewing told the jury.

It was a “very serious offence” and Edwards’ driver’s license was cancelled.

A court heard Edwards was also found guilty of driving without insurance in June last year and was found guilty in February of a similar offence.

Mr Ewing also said Edwards had pleaded guilty in March to a similar charge in a separate case.

After the two convictions, the court heard a number of witnesses from the case who had seen Edwards on the road during the period of the two charges were questioned.

The court was told Edwards had been a passenger on the two motorbikers.

He had been at the wheel of the M5 when it struck a tractor and the vehicle was flipped onto its side, killing a passenger.

Witnesses also said he drove the motorbike from the A2 to the A6 motorway, but was unable to get it in the right direction.

He then turned around and drove the M4 motorbike on the other motorway towards a motorway stop.

Mr Edwards had previously pleaded guilty on a separate charge of driving while disqualified in October.

He has previously pleaded not guilty to that offence.

More to come.