What if all the cars on the road were all Tesla, in the same way?

drive in to share article Delsea Drive is a project of the UK-based design and development studio, The Garage, who have developed the car to take advantage of the Tesla Model S P85D.

While it has been rumored that Tesla could make a Tesla P85P electric car, the concept has not been officially unveiled, so we can’t officially confirm that Tesla would make it into the Delsea project.

We have to wonder, though, what would happen if the Tesla P100D electric car did come to fruition, or if it would just be a vehicle that Tesla is currently developing.

In that case, Delsea could become the only vehicle on the planet with a fully electric drivetrain, which would allow Delsea to be the only car company in the world to make a fully-electric vehicle in a single model year.

That would give Delsea an advantage in the EV space that other electric-only automakers like Mercedes and Tesla have not yet achieved.

Delsea is currently in the process of launching a new version of the Delsey Drive, and they are now working on an electric SUV.

Delishade, the new Delsea vehicle, is expected to launch in 2019.

[Via Delsea]