Which teams are most likely to make it to the Champions League final?

We can’t see which teams will reach the semi-finals of the Champions league and Europa League, but we can see which of the other 32 teams will make it through to the final. 

The full schedule is available on BBC Sport’s website and is based on the results of the first seven qualifying rounds of the competition, with each team’s results for the first two rounds also included.

The Europa League has the highest stakes, with a best-of-three tie-breaker in the final with the winners qualifying for the Europa League and the runners-up going on to face the eventual winners of the Super Cup and Champions League.

The Champions League Final takes place on Thursday, 25 May at 20:00 BST, and the Europa final on Saturday, 26 May at 16:00 GMT.

The draw will be announced on Wednesday, 6 June, and there will be no extra time for teams to make changes in the event of injuries or suspensions.