A movie with a power-driven diesel engine is in development

Movie producers have been pitching a new film based on a 2005 power-assisted movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Emma Stone called Mansfield Drive in movie theaters across the country.

The film is being financed by Legendary Pictures, which is owned by Walt Disney.

The movie will follow the adventures of Matthew Mcconaughey’s son Max as he travels through a world where the power of the engine has created a new type of power car called a “motor car.”

“Mansfield Drive” will be produced by Legendary’s Mark Davis and will have the backing of the Walt Disney Co., Legendary Pictures and the Motion Picture Association of America, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

The screenplay will be written by Matthew McBride, who will also produce the film.

“Mannfield Drive will be the first time the MST3K franchise has ever used a power drive in a movie,” McBride said in a statement.

“It is a bold and groundbreaking approach to creating a new genre that we believe will appeal to audiences who are interested in the ‘power drive,’ but are not necessarily fans of the ‘motor’ genre.”

Legendary Pictures said it is also developing a movie titled “Proud of Your Body” that will follow an actor who discovers a new power-powered vehicle called a Mini Cooper, which has been modified with a powerful motor.

“I love the idea of doing something that is totally different,” said John Madden, who co-wrote the script with Davis and Madden and who also produced the Power Drives and Power Cars films.

“But, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

We are all going to have to figure out how to make it work, and make it a little more than it is already.”