How to change your driver login to Uber

When you sign into Uber, you can select the login options to change the name of the driver, and if you have a different Uber driver, the name will change to that driver’s.

But what if you’ve already signed up for an Uber and want to switch it back?

You can do that using the Uber app.

And it’s easy to do.

The process takes less than five seconds.

In fact, it takes less time than changing your username.

Read moreHere are the steps you’ll need to follow:Go to the app and log in to the Uber account.

Tap on the Uber logo, and select “My Account.”

From the account page, tap on “My Profile.”

Select the “My Driver Login” option.

Tap on “Change Name.”

Select “Uber.”

Select “Continue.”

From there, tap “Continue” when asked to confirm.

Select “Delete.”

Tap on “OK.”

Tap “Finish.”

Now, when you try to log in, your Uber driver login will change.

But when you switch back to the normal Uber account, your driver name will stay the same.