Which GOP lawmaker will win the 2018 midterms? | POLITICO’s guide to the 2020 election

The GOP is expected to elect the next president and Senate majority leader.

And a number of key Senate seats will be up for grabs.

The top two spots on the ticket will be decided by House races.

Below is a rundown of where the race is shaping up: Top House candidates: The most competitive House races in the country.

Source: The Hill’s 2018 midterm election tracker The House of Representatives has been in play for months.

Since November, Republicans have held five seats in the chamber, with three of them held by Democrats: Republicans hold three seats in House districts in Kansas, Kansas City and Kansas, while Democrats hold three House districts outside of those three states.

Republicans hold the seats of Rep. Paul Gosar, a Republican from Missouri, and Rep. Todd Young, a Democrat from Illinois.

Democrats have control of a third House district in Minnesota, and control of two seats in Michigan, a swing state.

All three House seats are currently held by Republicans.

House races that are not currently competitive include the race for the U.S. House seat in Texas and the race in Virginia for the seat vacated by Republican Lt.


David Dewhurst.

Democrats hold a strong lead in Senate races in New York and Colorado, while the Democrats have a slight edge in Pennsylvania, while Republicans hold a narrow edge in Wisconsin.

There are also contests in Florida, where Democrats hold the Senate seat, and Missouri, where Republicans hold control of the House.

The 2018 midterm map will be interesting for the GOP.

There is a good chance that the Democrats will pick up at least two seats, and then the GOP will have a chance to pick up three seats.

While there are still three seats that are either not competitive or are held by the Democrats, there is a much more open field now than there was before the election.

If the election were held today, it is highly likely that the Republicans would win the House and Senate.

Republicans hold the House majority in the House, with Democrats holding one seat each in the Senate and the governor’s mansion.

The House races are very close, with the Democrats holding just a single seat in Washington, D.C. That seat is held by Republican Rep. Jim Matheson.

If Mathesin wins the seat, the GOP could pick up four seats in Congress, with one in each of the six congressional districts.

Democrats will also control two seats outside of the four-member district where Mathesen lives.

Democrats have the advantage in governors’ mansions, with Democrat Chris Christie, a former New Jersey governor, as their Republican opponent.

But the Democrats are still the clear favorites to win the governor general election, and Democrats also hold the governorships of both North Carolina and Florida.

Democrats will hold a majority in both the House of Delegates and the Senate, with a slight advantage in the latter.

The Democrats hold two seats inside the governor-elect’s district in Pennsylvania.

Democrats are the clear favorite to win both the governor and Senate, and the Republican majority in Congress.

The Senate race will be one of the most competitive Senate races, with Republicans having a clear advantage in districts that are contested.

The races in which Democrats are competitive include: The race for U.N. Ambassador in Georgia.

The U.K. election.

The race to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the United States Senate.

The Georgia race is a rematch of a 2013 election in which Democrat Jon Ossoff beat Republican Karen Handel by about 25,000 votes.

The midterm elections are likely to be interesting.

It is expected that the House will hold at least four seats, with at least three of those seats held by House members.

There could also be a Senate race that is contested.

House members can run in all four chamber districts, with only a single district holding one congressional seat.

And, at least in the early stages of the race, it will be a closely fought race.

The GOP is hoping to hold on to the Senate as well.

It holds six seats in a state that is in the Deep South, and will be the only state to hold a Senate seat since 1996.

The House is the only House chamber to hold four seats.

Republicans have the seat of Rep, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, in the District of Columbia.

McMorrs Rodgers is one of three House members from the District, and her seat is currently held in by Rep. Marcia Fudge, a Kentucky Democrat.

McMors Rodgers was the first woman to serve as the House speaker, and she is the first African American to serve in the role.

Democrats hold one seat in Georgia, and Republicans hold two.

The seat is also held by Rep, John Lewis, who is a civil rights icon.

Democrats are also expected to pick off seats in California, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Washington.

The states with the most open Senate races are: The House race in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Senate race.

Montana’s Senate race is likely to