What happens when an Uber driver goes viral with a meme of the law

A couple of bills drive the state’s Uber driver into the limelight.

One bill, HB 1718, would mandate Uber drivers to obtain a license and registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The other, HB 1410, would require Uber drivers in Georgia to have a valid driver’s license or ID card.

The bill would also allow the state to suspend driver licenses for a period of one year if a driver’s driving history shows they had an accident or were involved in a serious crash.

Both bills have attracted support from local and state politicians.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Secretary of State said that while the bills would have a positive impact on the state, they are not going to be signed into law.

“There are some who would like to see a law passed in Georgia that allows for a suspension for driving under the influence of alcohol, which is something that we have never had in Georgia, which we do not have anywhere else in the United States,” said Georgia Secretary Of State Brian Kemp.

“We do not want to see people suspended for driving.

We do not know if a suspension will work, but we do know that there are some individuals who would not be able to drive under the Influence of Alcohol if the driver’s licenses were suspended.

They can still be licensed in Georgia,” said Kemp. “

The driver’s driver license suspension does not mean that they can’t drive.

They can still be licensed in Georgia,” said Kemp.

But some people are concerned that these bills will lead to more accidents.

“I think that’s the problem with these bills.

They have the potential to hurt Georgia, because they would have the effect of allowing people to have more reckless behavior on the roads,” said Troy Brown, who is a Georgia State Representative who represents the district where the incident occurred.

“If it’s a person who has no training in driving or no training at all, it’s just another thing that they could do,” Brown added.

“It could be a person that’s intoxicated, it could be someone who’s not trained.”

Another bill introduced in January would require drivers to have an approved medical evaluation prior to receiving a license.

Currently, drivers can only receive a license if they undergo a medical evaluation.

The House also recently passed HB 1557, which would make Georgia the first state in the country to require that drivers have their licenses suspended for a year if they have an accident.

The Georgia Driver License Commission, the state agency that enforces the driver license laws, says that Georgia has one of the highest rates of driver impairment in the nation.

“Our drivers are responsible for their own safety,” said Lisa Jaffe, the commission’s director of policy and regulatory affairs.

“Driver licensing in Georgia is an important component of our safety plan.

Our drivers are trained, they’re trained to drive safely, and they have the proper training and they’re supervised,” Jaffe added.