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A Maryland driver’s licensing system has a few interesting things going for it: A new driver’s permit system, a new license number, and a few new drivers.

All told, MDOT says that MDOT is now issuing 5,872 new driver licenses to drivers, according to a news release from the agency.

That’s an increase of over 40 percent compared to last year, which saw a decline of about 5,000 licenses.

As the number of MDOT licenses grows, so too do the number who apply for them, which will be reflected in the numbers of people who get licenses.MDOT is looking for applicants from all over the state, but specifically targeting those with disabilities, those who are not currently licensed, those with serious health concerns and those who want to work.

The Maryland Driver’s License Authority says there are currently 6,973 people who are looking for licenses.

That means that about one in five people who apply in the coming months are likely to get a license.

The new system was created as part of MDOC’s commitment to modernizing its driver licensing system and make it more effective.

The agency says the system was designed to better accommodate those who have special needs, and it will also be more efficient and effective in handling people who have serious health conditions.

The number of new licenses issued in Maryland is up by about 80 percent compared with last year.

In addition, MDOC has also said that the agency will be able to better manage and support those who cannot access other resources, such as medical services and job training, because of their disabilities.