Which Indian state has the biggest liquor drive thru?

The Indian government has asked the states to create mandatory drive thru lane for liquor sales.

The move comes amid increasing criticism over the growing popularity of the liquor business in India and concerns about rising cases of violence linked to the illicit sale of liquor in the country.

In an advisory to the states, the ministry of home affairs said that drive thru lanes will be required for both retail and wholesale liquor sales across the country and in the case of the former, it will require that at least 50% of the sales be through a drive thru window.

“These lanes are intended to allow people to enter the premises and purchase liquor in their own homes,” the advisory said.

“Such lanes are also meant to encourage consumption of alcohol at home and for the convenience of all.

The lanes will also be designed to minimise the impact on public safety and security.”

In the past year, the government has faced pressure from public health and liquor users over a spate of violent incidents linked to sale of alcohol in India.

Earlier this month, police arrested a 20-year-old man for allegedly selling 1.5 tonnes of liquor through a roadside drive thru in Haryana state.

The police also raided a pub in the state and arrested a man who was allegedly selling a whopping 20 tonnes of alcohol.

Earlier this month the government also moved to curb the growing prevalence of consumption of liquor on mobile phones, announcing that all mobile phones and mobile broadband would be banned from sale in the month of October, 2019.